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Theater Policies

We are thrilled to welcome everyone and anyone to our theater, below are our policies that we appreciate all customers could follow. If you are seen violating any of our policies we reserve the right to refuse admittance to all other customers who can enjoy their show.

We will evaluate our policies on an ongoing basis, but please adhere to the below policies. If you do not agree with them at this time we understand, but it is difficult to accommodate everyone's requests. The below policies are what we believe to be a balance given the current feedback we have received.

Seating - We have removed all reserved seating until we can accommodate better guidance for aisle and seat numbers with the existing layouts. Seating is now open but we do ask that patrons respect the distance of other parties whenever possible.

  • Masks - Masks are optional but recommended throughout the theater. If you're feeling sick, please stay at home, we will be here when you're feeling better! Feeling sick, Netflix.


  • Refunds - We offer refunds for all ticket purchases ahead of the cinema viewing. If you missed the show or have another reason for requesting a refund please ask to speak to a manager and we will handle it on a case by case basis. Additionally, if you are unhappy with your concessions please let the staff know, we'll fix it by replacing the concession or providing a refund.


  • Outside Food and Drink - NO outside food or drink is allowed except for water. We are a small independent theater with moderately priced concessions. We make almost 70% of our income from concessions. If you enjoy the theater, please enjoy the concessions. Looking for something we don't have? Please send us a message and we'll evaluate adding it to the list! If you have a medical condition that requires you to bring your own food, please inform the staff before entering the theater.


  • Closed Captioning and Listening Devices - We offer closed captioning and listening devices for customers in need of them. Please ask a staff member if you would require one. While we would love to have these available for all films, many of our independent and art films do not have close captioning information included in their movie files. Unfortunately, we cannot control this, but the staff can inform you of which shows have close captioning ahead of purchase if you require that information.


  • Service Animals - All service animals are welcome to enjoy the theater. Service dogs must be under control at all times either by leash, harness, or voice commands and service dogs must also be housebroken.  If the service dog is not under control or is not housebroken, they can be asked to leave the movie theater. Additionally, under the Americans with
  • Disabilities Act (ADA) we are allowed to ask two questions outlined below, please do not be offended if an employee asks.Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
    What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?


  • Non-chaperoned Children - We follow the MPAA rating system to help us evaluate which films require chaperones and which do not. We recommend children below 13 years of age always have a chaperone as they can be asked to leave the theater they are viewing if they are disturbing other audience members. Non-chaperoned children will also not be allowed into any R-rated feature without a legal guardian or chaperon with permission from the legal guardian. We show many NR films and evaluate these on a case-by-case basis based on the subject matter. Please be aware we may follow the above requirements based on the subject matter of an NR film. Children under 8 years old are not allowed to attend a feature without a chaperone.

         Our goal is to ensure all customers are enjoying their theater experience so please be considerate of these policies and others around you. 

         Thank you in advance!

Greenwood Features Staff

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