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The Journey To Mordor Festival

We're hosting our first Lord Of The Rings Extended Edition movie festival and scavenger hunt! We will feature one of each of the extended addition films at key moments in the Fellowship's timelines from the book series by J.R.R. Tolkien.

At the end of each film, viewers will get a key piece of information that will provide them with clues to the coordinates of the Ring Of Power. The first customer to get the ring and become the Ring Bearer will have the choice to destroy the ring in Mount Doom or retain the Ring Of Power for their own.


Tickets for April 6th

Festival Timeline:

  • Sept 23rd - The Fellowship of The Ring extended edition, the date that Frodo left the Shire to carry the ring to Rivendale.
  • Feb 24th -  The Two Towers extended edition, near the date when Frodo and Sam meet Gollum after the Fellowship disbanded.
  • April 6th - The Return Of The King extended edition, SPOILER ALERT when Frodo and Sam are saved from Mount Doom exploding.

Become The Ring Bearer:
Attending each screening will gain viewers access to a clue to where the Ring Of Power is hidden. The person who finds the ring has two options.

Destroying The Ring in Mount Doom located at Greenwood Features. Choosing to destroy it will give free popcorn and drinks to The Ring Bearer's own Fellowship*. Truly a kingly gift.

Keep The Ring For Their Own. Choosing this path will give the bearer a free ticket** for Greenwood Feature movies up until the next Journey To Mordor Festival where the hunt will begin again.

Event Details:
At each event, we will have an hour-and-a-half cocktail reception which will include the below. Each show will also have an intermission as well as:

  • A contest. The winner will be chosen by an audience vote.
  • Trivia specific to the film and book for the event being viewed.
  • Lord Of The Ring Insired Treats and Drinks
  • A clue to the location of The Ring Of Power.***

*Limit to 10 guests, including a small popcorn and small soda, slush or water. Popcorn and drinks may be upgraded for a small fee.

**Free ticket is good for any non-sold-out show and a value of $12, free tickets can only be used for one movie at a time. The Ring Bearer must always have the ring to enter the films.

***If you do not make an event and miss the film, you can write in to get a series of questions you can answer to reveal the coordinates, you will also need to supply a ticket stub to a film you saw at the cinema.

The Journey To Mordor Festival Featuring The Extended Edition of The Fellowship Of The Ring

The Journey To Mordor Festival Featuring The Extended Edition of The Fellowship Of The Ring

3 hr 28 min

Join us for an evening of Middle Earth wonder! Featuring costume contests, LOTR trivia and snacks and drinks inspired by the world of Tolkien. For more information check out the festival page: The future of civilization rests in the fate of the One Ring, which has been lost for centuries. Powerful forces are unrelenting in their search for it. But fate has placed it in the hands of a young Hobbit named Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), who inherits the Ring and steps into legend. A daunting task lies ahead for Frodo when he becomes the Ringbearer - to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom where it was forged.

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The Journey To Mordor Festival
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